Quality and sustainability

Today, the quality of a product cannot disregard the ethical and social responsibility of the company that produces it, but rather has to consider the impact its entire life cycle can have on people and our planet, the great home we all inhabit, around which it’s shaped.

That is why at IVV we focus not only on making products that can interpret the functional and aesthetic needs of the market, but also on doing so by ensuring that other aspects of primary importance are taken care of, such as:

Personal health: all IVV products are certified for food safety and heat resistance up to 81°C (177° F). Drinking from an IVV glass or eating from a plate in our collections is safe, as the color is given to the product directly in the glass paste and not with a surface varnish, which over time could be released into the food and liquid intake.

Caring for the environment: prevention, safety, waste recycling and monitoring are key elements of our production processes to ensure that emissions from our plants are non-polluting and always meet the limits set by law. Ours is in fact “clean” glass, strictly free of lead oxides and pollutants.

Employee health: IVV is a people-based company. That is why in IVV the health of employees is an absolute and primary good, to be protected at all costs, so much so that the use of those toxic substances that are essential to obtain certain colors, but dangerous to the health of workers, is prohibited.

Could this lead to the risk of having to offer products that are more expensive than the ones sold by businesses which do not care about these aspects? That may be so, but we will always be proud to conceive the quality of our products as inextricably linked to our responsibility to people and the environment.

Because at IVV quality is responsibility