Horeca sector

IVV’s Hospitality Division

IVV has a specific business division dedicated to the development of “work tools” for hospitality professionals, available in our catalog as standard products or customizable on request:

  • Table and buffet: trays, plates, placemats, service accessories
  • Glasses: water glasses and goblets, wine glasses and drink glasses
  • Table and buffet accessories: single-flower vases

IVV’s glass stands out for its purity, brilliance and robustness. The color of our glass is given in the mass of the glass, so that it is safe for health and dishwasher resistant. Check out our hospitality book catalogue for the specific symbols below each item:

Customization of the logo on the container, for Alain Ducasse Restaurant at Morpheus – Macao

From standard to tailor-made: we tailor the dress to your needs.

IVV’s Ho.Re.Ca. Division offers the possibility of customizing standard items and designing tailor-made items, on request and design of the customer. Based on the specific need, we identify the most suitable processing technique:

  • Application of logos and trademarks and engraving of motifs with sandblasting, screen printing or laser techniques
  • Customized decorations, with the use of colors already resistant to the dishwasher or with their protection by the Dishwasher & Scratch Proof Formula (DSPF) treatment, which increases the resistance of the decoration to washing and wear caused by handling and storage
  • Creation of exclusive models in terms of shape, size and color, customized to your design.

Symbology legend on our Hospitality Book catalogue

Dishwasher resistant

Maximum number of dishwasher washes

Decor already subjected to DSPF treatment as standard

Decoration washable only by hand. DSPF treatment can be requested by contacting the company

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