IVV Collection: History and tradition

A Made in Italy story, of people, craftsmanship and innovation

IVV is one of the main and very few remaining glass factories that were born in Italy, that developed there and that still produce in the “Bel Paese”. The company, in fact, was founded in 1952 in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of master glassmakers, whose objective has always been to guarantee a product that in its characteristic craftsmanship combines tradition and the culture of their land with a creative and constant innovation, inspiring a unique, authentic, updated and Italian style, and mixing different textures and optics with constant and essential artisan quality.

Transparency, brilliance and sound are some of the terms that characterize the high quality of IVV products. This result is achieved by choosing only selected and refined raw materials, which are processed at very high temperatures to eliminate all impurities.

Heart of glass

IVV is one of the protagonists of the history of design

With iconic products, which anticipated trends and fashions: from the ’50s to the ’90s, thanks to the industrial scale given to its production activity, it was a forerunner in making blown glass products accessible to an increasingly wide market segment for the table and the buffet, and for home furnishings, until then accessible to few, as an expression of pure elite craftsmanship.

This path has been taken without ever renouncing either to express its personal creativity, treasuring the heritage represented by its master glassmakers, or to quality, still today the flagship of IVV products: from the transparency and brilliance of its glass to the color given in the mass of the glasses (important not only for the users’ health, but also for issues related to maintenance in hotels and restaurants).